Message from Ebony

To My Best Girlfriends and Favorite Boyfriends too, I send you my warmest love for always supporting me. These past few months have been life changing to say the least but I am Steele Standing. I have been favored with the opportunity to live my dreams and never does a moment pass when I am not grateful.

In my new season, I am purposeful and intentional on giving you the best Ebony yet. While I am continuing my media work, I have a goal to connect even closer with my fans. You gave feedback and we heard you. My team and I have worked really hard to develop a few ideas that you have tossed our way whether it is about my personal journey or my favorite things to wear.

Oftentimes I find it hard for me to contain my tears after reading your kind words on social media or on email. I invite you to join with me on my journey and use the #steelstanding to support anyone who has conquered their trials of life. I am looking forward to this new adventure and with your support it is worth it all. This website is one of many new opportunities you will have to connect with me. We are set for take off, are you ready?